Airport of Elba Island

How to reach the island of Elba by plane?

Have you ever thought of flying to the island of Elba?

If you are planning a trip with your friends or family, is it possible to organize the journey by renting a plane or taking advantage of existing charter flights.

The plane is the most comfortable and fastest way to get to the Island of Elba and allows you to avoid long journeys by car / bus / ferry.
Moreover, unlike ferries, air connections are rarely suspended or interrupted because of bad weather, especially in winter.

The airport on the island of Elba, also known as “Aeroporto Teseo Tesei“, is located in La Pila, 2 km from Marina di Campo and 3 km from Procchio. It is a private civil airport, open to commercial traffic.

Several airlines can provide this service including:

  • Silver Air, the airline of the Island of Elba, provides flights for max. 16 people from Pisa, Florence, Lugano (summer only) and Milan Linate. Flights are scheduled throughout the entire year.
  • Swiss Flight Services provides flights from La Chaux-de-Fonds to the Island of Elba from mid-June.
  • Luna Group Charter, organises tailor-made flights for groups throughout the year. The company provides several aircraft and can transport from 1 to over 200 people.

How to get around the Island of Elba?

At Elba Airport there are car and motorbike rentals, a taxi service or transfers by minibus or bus. It is also possible that the hotel where you are staying has a shuttle service.

Is it possible to park the car at the airport on the island of Elba?

There are about thirty parking slots available at the airport of Elba. You can park your car free of charge.

History of Elba’s Airport

Elba Airport was created by a German industrialist who bought a large area of land on the La Pila village directly from farmers in 1963. The intention was to create a textile factory with a direct air link to other industries.

The original runway was made of grass and land and was 750 meters long. Later, this project was abandoned and in 1966, the area was taken over by the airline company named Transair. In 1967, the company inaugurated its first flight from Elba.

In 1975 the runway was extended to 1175 metres and in the 1990s the runway was finally paved, becoming the runway used today.