Ferries Piombino – Rio Marina

The Piombino – Rio Marina ferry connects Piombino to the island of Elba in just a few minutes. There is currently only 1 ferry company operating this service, Toremar. The crossing is made up to about 60 times a week in high season with a crossing time of 45 minutes for the fastest.

Piombino Rio Marina crossing time and frequency may vary depending on the season. We advise you to check online for the latest available information on ferry schedules from piombino to rio marina.

Guidebook of Rio Marina

Rio Marina is located on the eastern side of the island of Elba, in a small inlet surrounded by hills. These hills are characterised by a red earth that is due to the iron mining that took place in the past. In this area, iron mining has been carried out since Etruscan times and, together with fishing, was the main activity of the inhabitants of Rio Marina until a few decades ago. Today Rio Marina is a seaside resort with all the necessary facilities for its visitors. The church of San Rocco is a popular attraction in the town. It is an embattled tower in the harbour, which has an octagonal base and was commissioned by Giacomo V Appiano in 1534 as a lookout and defence. Another popular attraction on the island is the Mineral Park where you can see the variety of minerals found in different parts of the island – there are around 1000 selected specimens.
From the port there are connections to the mainland, alternatively to Portoferraio.