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The beautiful island of Elba can be reached by ferry from Piombino, the main port for the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. The destinations that can be reached with the Piombino Elba ferry are Portoferraio (the island’s main port), Cavo, Rio Marina and Porto Azzurro. From the port of Piombino it is also possible to reach the beautiful island of Pianosa with special organised trips.

In addition to the normal ferry, it is also possible to book the hydrofoil, the fastest way to travel to Piombino Elba and back, which halves the time compared to normal ships.

The ferry fares shown in this portal are the official prices offered by the shipping companies operating in the area Toremar, Moby, Blunavy, Corsica Ferries.

How much does the ferry to the island of elba cost? 

The cost of the Piombino Elba ferry is on average around €20 per person. The cost of the ticket, however, varies depending on many factors such as the route and period chosen, the means of transport and the company that operates (Moby Lines, Blunavy, Toremar, Corsica Ferries).

Where do the ferries to Elba leave from?

Ferries to Elba all leave exclusively from the port of Piombino, an area that is easy to reach by car, train or bus. In the summer season the connections are very frequent, and you can choose between the four main companies Moby Lines, Toremar, Blu Navy and Corsica Ferries, the ship at the time you prefer.

How long does it take to arrive to the island of Elba by ferry?

The duration of the Piombino Elba ferry varies depending on the destination and the means of transport, in fact you can choose from several options. The traditional ferry takes an average of 60 minutes to reach Piombino Elba. The fast hydrofoil connection takes only 20 minutes to reach Cavo, and 40 minutes to Portoferraio.

How to book a ferry to the island of elba?

In a few simple steps you can find the best solution for you on our platform for booking ferries to the island of Elba. Click to discover the procedure.

How far is Piombino from the island of Elba?

The distance Piombino – Elba considering the nearest point (Cavo) is about 11 km, while the Piombino – Portoferraio route is about twice as long, just over 21 km. The average duration of the crossing varies according to the means of transport, about 1 hour by ferry, and 30 minutes by hydrofoil.

Traghetti Elba

The Services

In the proximity of the ports of Piombino and Elba you will find all the necessary services, such as ticket offices, car parks, toilets, bars etc. The ports are also very close to the historic centres of the towns, where you can find all kinds of shops, such as clothes shops if you need to buy a last minute costume, the Piccolo Mondo Giochi toy shop where you can find lots of gift ideas for your children or beach toys to take with you on your holiday. There are also ice-cream parlours, top restaurants, bookshops and much more.